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Press, Accreditation


Press accreditation is designated for journalists, photographers, TV and radio editors and their crews.

You must send your press accreditation/photo passport request in writing to press@benatska.cz. Your request does not automatically mean that you will obtain accreditation. Your press accreditation request will be confirmed or rejected by e-mail. Press accreditation will be granted depending on the preceding publicity of the 25th year of the festival. No more than one or two accreditations per media will be granted, unless the festival management decides otherwise.

Your request should include any potential request for interviews with specific artists or any other requests. This section also provides all accredited persons with the binding instructions for moving behind-the-stage of the festival. There will be a press center that will provide current information and instructions concerning the festival.

Request – we would like to ask all accredited journalists to send their media outcome from the Venetian Night festival to press@www.benatska.cz. This will help you to get accreditation for the next year.

Attention – the granted press accreditation is non-transferrable and will be issued against your ID card, driver’s license or passport. If you lose your accreditation card, you will not be automatically entitled to a new one. The festival management will decide whether or not you will receive a new accreditation card. The festival management reserves the right to replace press accreditation with a free ticket.


The latest information will always be available in the press center. Your interest in an interview expressed in your accreditation request will be communicated to the performer, but we cannot guarantee the interview. Ideally, the performers will visit the press center unless agreed otherwise.

Recording and photographing

The latest information will always be available in the press center.  In general, it will be possible to record and photograph the first three songs from the corridor in front of the stage, unless the press center service specifies otherwise. Recording or photographic on the stage will not be possible. The management will have its own photographer on the stage, and we will be able to send you his photographs upon request.

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