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Information about the grounds

Vesec is situated 390-452 m above sea level south of Liberec in a cadastral area of 469 ha. Geologically, Vesec is part of the Jizera Mountains. It is one of the oldest villages in the territory of today’s Liberec. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1412. It was given the Czech name Víska in 1893, but was renamed to Vesec in 1923. The village lies in the border region that was annexed to Nazi Germany after the Munich Agreement was signed on 30 September 1938. From 25 March 1939 until May 1945, this occupied territory was called Reichsgau Sudetenland and Vesec was renamed to Dörfel, which means a small village in German.

The Lusatian Nisa River flows through the village and forms a border with the neighboring Vratislavice and Rochlice villages. On its tributary White Brook lies the Teichmühle Pond. Nisa’s other tributary is the Border Brook that has its source in the Šimonovice cadaster and separates Vesec from Šimonovice, Minkovice, Pilínkovice, Doubí and Rochlice. The name of the brook refers to the fact that it formed a border between the Český Dub and Liberec estates. Vesec belonged to the Český Dub Wallenstein estate. Starting in 1624, it formed the Siebendörfel fief together with six other villages (Dlouhý Most, Jeřmanice, Javorník, Šimonovice, the left-bank part of Vratislavice, Záskalí). After 1850 Vesec fell under the jurisdiction of the district administrator in Liberec, the judicial district of Liberec. On 29 April 1909 Vesec became a township.

We do not know which year Vesec was founded. It was an independent village up until 1 May 1976 when it was annexed to Liberec and became its 25th municipal district.

The new modern grounds were built from scratch behind Liberec in the Vesec district. This is where international sports events in particular were held. They are set in the natural scenery of the Lusatian Mountains. From there it is possible to go to nearby destinations /Milíře, Císařský kámen, Ještěd/ and to go for a swim in the Taich Pond. Nowadays, they are used for various sports and cultural events during summer.


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